A Better Organization for Our Country

Reflections on Current Events

These are strategic reflections, in that they have to do with political governance.
They are short articles on current events in light of our two books,
A Better Organization and We Are Different.

Questioning the United States strategy towards Russia
2015-08-19.   An interview with Henry Kissinger at The National Interest in July 2015.
2015-02-14.   Lev Shakhmundes' submission to The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Canadian Senate reforming
2014-01-29.   Justin Trudeau, who has the aspirations for the highest office in Canada, takes initiative in transforming the Senate to represent the public interest, by pushing Canadian senators to doing what’s best for their country.

On the death penalty
2013-08-05.   Prompted by an article in The Economist on the death penalty in China.

Occupy Wall Street
2012-09-18.   To the anniversary of the movement.
2011-10-07.   This 3-week movement, still spreading in the U.S. and jumping other countries' borders, connects with a topic or two in A Better Organization.

To same-sex marriage
2012-06-18.   Our extension to the Intelligence Squared Debate on same-sex marriage.

To Bilderberg Conference 2012
2012-05-28.   This year's conference is expected soon.   We are recalling the emergence of the sources of information about the Conferences.

B.C. finds success with controversial carbon tax
2011-07-04.   Is this enough?

Is education worthless without freedom of speech?
2011-01-10.   Yes, votes the audience at the Doha Debates.

To the burning of Koran
2010-09-10.   The following is written on 2010-09-22: Although Rev. Terry Jones did finally abandon his intention to burn copies of the Koran on September 11, we reiterate our contention that damage to the interests of the United States had been done.

To the one-child policy in China
2010-05-05.   The drift towards abolition of the one-child policy in the People's Republic of China.

Two major environmental events
2009-11-16.   A meeting of finance officials of the Group of 20.   A United Nations conference in Copenhagen.

A forthcoming shareholder voting at Weyerhaeuser Company
2009-04-13.   To analogies in governance of a country and a publicly traded corporation.

Public Forum on Capitalism
2009-03-29.   A public forum on capitalism on the CBC Radio.

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