A Better Organization for Our Country


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Cover: A Better Organization A Better Organization: Facing Threats to Our Country
By Lev Shakhmundes
ISBN10: 0-9684418-1-5, ISBN13: 9780968441817
Published in November 2006
Second print, September 2008
Electronic edition by Google eBooks, November 2011
eISBN: 9781123178784   (see further details on page Publisher)
Cover: We Are Different, So What We Are Different, So What
By Lev Shakhmundes
ISBN: 0-9684418-0-7
Published in 1999

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Some options for viewing partial content of the books
      At Google books.   Search for 'Lev Shakhmundes'.   You will find A Better Organization and We Are Different available for partial viewing.   No registration is required.
      The LOOK INSIDE! facility at Amazon.com.   Search in department Books for 'Lev Shakhmundes'.   No registration is required either.

PDF reproductions
      The PDF reproductions of these two books are available at abetterorganization.org.

Poetry by Ilia Bluvshtein
      On this website, our good friend Ilia Bluvshtein houses his poetry.   It is mostly in Russian.   Tab Bluvshtein at the top of this page will bring you there.

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