A Better Organization for Our Country


Second edition rights available

Applications Assurance Ltd.
PO Box 383 Stn Main, Chatham, Ontario, Canada   N7M 5K5
+1 (519) 351-4597

The best way to contact us is via page BLOG at abetterorganization.org.

Our books can be purchased at Amazon.com (search for 'Lev Shakhmundes' in Books or try directly the Amazon books' page) and obtained directly from the publisher (prices negotiable).   They may also be available at BarnesAndNoble.com.

An electronic edition of A Better Organization reproduces exactly the book’s printed edition, Second print, 2008.   It started to sell at Google eBooks Canadian store in November, 2011.  Currently, the price is at or below $2.   Setting Scanned pages has to be used.   Even if setting Flowing text is available, please do not select it because you will not be able to follow page number references in text.   Please have also in mind the following regarding the suitability of the electronic edition for your reading device(s).   Each table in the set of tables on pages 87 to 115 is rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise.   Therefore, it would be inconvenient to read the tables when using a desktop computer, unless you have a software tool for rotating pages on the monitor.   A tablet device is perfect and a notebook computer is acceptable for reading.

We will publish pieces submitted for publication on one of our websites written under the following Guidelines.


Writers are expected:
    - to show utmost respect for all participants in a discourse,
    - to strive for making their points clear,
    - not to use foul language.

Humorous puns may be allowed, provided they are between the people who know each other, and the shots are mutual, not one-sided.

All submissions are subject to approval prior to being posted on our websites.

In some instances we will publish a piece which does not totally comply with our guidelines, if in our judgement the core of the presentation has value; in such a case we may do some editing and make a comment as to what was done in the way of editing.

We would prefer to publish under the writer’s real name, not a nickname; any other personal information may only be published with an expressed writer's consent.

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