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Project: Senate as a Container of Governance Wisdom


Page Canadian Seanate reforming in Reflections reacts to a remarkable event in Canada in January-February, 2014.

To Project Initiation

As of January 2009, this project is timely. The vigorous initiatives towards a Senate reform and debates on the subject in Canada have been ongoing for several years. Proponents of the reform aim at having the senators elected rather than appointed and at limiting their term.

Our contention is that, conceptually, a Senate can only be relied on as a container of governance wisdom, if its members are appointed, not elected, and, especially, if their term is not limited to several years.

Proposition 26.1 of A Better Organization reads as follows:

The longevity of its members makes the upper house of parliament (Senate) the place in government where adherence to the public interest is most likely. Appointment of senators, as compared to election, is conducive to a higher likelihood. In either case, it is decisive that the term is not limited to a few years.

Chapter 26, The Government, elaborates this proposition.

Project Senates as They Are, named in Chapter 29 of A Better Organization , may also belong here.

Project Objective

To contribute to the recognition of the relevancy and potential value of a non-elected senate, with its members appointed for long terms.

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