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Questioning the United States strategy towards Russia

2015-08-19, an interview with Henry Kissinger at The National Interest

I just spotted this interview.

The National Interest’s editor, Jacob Heilbrunn, spoke with Henry Kissinger in early July in New York. The interview is quite long, fills in three lengthy web pages. I reproduce here two pieces that are highly relevant to my entry of February 14 below.

With regard to the Russia-China relationship:
Heilbrunn: Because the Russians clearly would like to create a much closer relationship.
Kissinger: But partly because we’ve given them no choice.

Later in the interview on the U.S. strategy:
Kissinger: ... It means that breaking Russia has become an objective; the long-range purpose should be to integrate it.

Kissinger is not exactly a retiree, he is still active as a consultant. It is inexplicably strange that the top U.S. politicians appear to be deaf to his strategic assessments.

You’ve got to read the interview if you are concerned with the United States strategy towards Russia.

2015-02-14, by Lev Shakhmundes

I sent through the Contact Us form the following to The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

I submit that (1) the relationship between the United States of America and the Russian Federation is of a strategic importance to the U.S. in light of the rise of the People’s Republic of China; (2) Russia has gravitated towards the West since Peter the Great’s window opening to Europe in the 1700s; (3) the U.S. appears to be pushing Russia, for decades now, into a closer alliance with China.   I would be happy to provide further elaborations should the Commission be interested.
With best regards,
Lev Shakhmundes