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Two major environmental events

2009-11-16.   Two major gatherings, where the environmental issues are on the table, are in the news these days. One is a meeting of finance officials of the Group of 20. The other is a United Nations conference in Copenhagen. Here are some excerpts from a news item of November 7 by the Associated Press:

      St. Andrews, Scotland — Finance officials from rich and developing countries pledged Saturday to maintain emergency support for their economies until recovery is assured, but failed to reach a clear agreement to bear the cost of fighting climate change.
      On climate change, the G20 officials also said they wanted “an ambitious outcome” at a major UN conference in Copenhagen next month – but did not commit to a funding package to help poorer nations adapt to a warming climate.
      European nations have promoted a global climate fund of some €100-billion a year by 2020 – combining government and private finance – as an incentive for poor developing nations to agree to tight curbs on greenhouse gas emissions.
      Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg, whose country holds the rotating European Union presidency, said no deal on financing would mean that “we will end up with a very difficult situation in Copenhagen.”
      German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said an agreement was scuppered by emerging nations' unwillingness to contribute.
      “Basically a group of emerging nations made it clear that they were unwilling to invest their own funds in the fight against climate change,” he told reporters. “We were prepared for that and it was obvious that the industrialized countries would of course bear most of the burden.”

They throw an illuminating light on our project Environmental Measures by a Country Unilaterally.

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