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Is education worthless without freedom of speech?

Monday, January 10, 2011

By Lev Shakhmundes

Last weekend, at the Doha Debates on the BBC television, the following proposition was offered for debate and vote: Education is worthless without freedom of speech.

I felt pity for the two men who were sitting on the Yes side.   I even suspected they were asked for a favour, just to play a devil advocate.   This was because I was sure the proposition was indefensible.   One of the men was constantly switching away from the worthlessness to a lower quality as a characteristic of education in the absence of freedom of speech, and this was pointed out by the opponents, a man and a woman sitting on the No side.

Regardless, the audience voted 53 to 47 in favour of the proposition.   I would say this does not speak well about our collective intelligence.

This amazing outcome highlights a quest in A Better Organization for a place in the channels of governance where wisdom may best reside, and a formulation of the conditions which are necessary for the continuity of wisdom.

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