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B.C. finds success with controversial carbon tax
There were complaints at the beginning but the experiment with one of the world’s first carbon levies has resulted in a substantial cut in per-capita fuel usage

Monday, July 4, 2011

By Lev Shakhmundes

This was a news flash on globeinvestor.com dated July 3, 6:51 PM.   It is also a subject of the likewise-titled article in the Monday, July 4, issue of the Globe and Mail, Report on Business section.

The article describes how a company, Richmond Playwood Corp, reduced carbon emissions and benefited financially due to a significant reduction of the carbon tax paid.   It also presents the background and assessments from the industry and scientific sources of the carbon tax that was introduced in British Columbia three years ago.

We have to point out, with regret, that the initiatives in implementing environmental levies, a subject of Chapter 14 in A Better Organization, are being taken by provincial and municipal governments rather than by the government of Canada.

If only one country, unilaterally, implements environmental levies, will this result in a sufficient reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases?   Possibly, project Environmental Measures by a Country Unilaterally.   If a part of a country, lacking the diplomatic connections and legislative influences on other countries, does that, can we count on a sufficient impact?   You would agree, in our dreams only, wouldn’t you?

We are longing for the time when governments, or government of a country, will engage the superior adaptive capabilities of capitalism through the mechanism of environmental levies, project Environmental Levies .

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