A Better Organization for Our Country


A Better Organization: Facing Threats to Our Country

This book by Lev Shakhmundes reports on his work, a 6-year-long effort aimed at comprehending the inadequacy of and problems with political governance in today's world.

Part I, Threats to Our Country, reviews various trends that may quite likely develop into global calamities. Special attention is given to environmental eventualities associated with global warming, climate change, air and water pollution, degradation of the natural environment, and irreversible changes to the Earth biosphere. Environmental disasters appear to be inevitable if there is no breakthroughs in the political will of governments.

Part II, Square One, lays ground for devising improvements in governance. It depicts the official and covert participants in governance, the benefits (remarkable adaptive capabilities) and drawbacks (exacerbated by economic globalization) of capitalism, the workings of democracy. It then presents the author's approach to the task. In contrast to other works of political philosophy, the interests of our country are adopted as the principal guide in governance. Our country could be any country of a reader's choosing. Canada, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, the People's Republic of China are featured on various occasions.

The Requirements, which emerge by the end of Part II, will define in Part III the features of a political organization, or organization in governance, that would be conducive to the fulfilment of Requirements.

Part III, Designing a Better Organization, tackles the spheres of business, economics, education, social safety, science, taxation, investigative reporting, religion, jurisprudence, sovereignty, and of course the government. The resulting Propositions constitute in effect a proposal for improvements in governance. The quest for elevating the wisdom in governance had been most elusive. The gleams of hope are in a higher effectiveness of participatory democracy and investigative journalism, in the paramount role of science, and in the special status of the upper chamber of parliament, or Senate.

Part IV contemplates the prospects for implementing this proposal as a whole, or some of the Propositions on their own.

There are references to 97 items of literature and 54 organizations.

As per book's record in the Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data (CIP), its subject is Political Science - Philosophy.   Subject phrases Philosophy of governance or A framework of better governance would characterize the book content more pointedly.

Progress Updates at WeAreDif.net on the work associated with A Better Organization were posted since July 2000. Publication of its electronic forerunner summary edition, as well as of the book itself were announced there.

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